About 8Star Group

8StarCarpet Group is the largest member of Mashad Industrial Group and one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Iran. We have also been proud of the best quality carpets for Iranians over years. The company started in 1979 in Mashad, Iran's second largest city, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 square meters. Over years, domestic and global competition has been boosted by a team of experienced managers, skilled engineers and skilled garages, with an annual production of 2,400,000 square meters.

Design Unit

We have applied creativity, art and experience and created the latest techniques and methods of design to make it an appropriate place to provide the best performing roles in domestic and foreign markets, and bring the best Persian carpets to perfection. Our team has the technology of the day and the latest techniques and training in relation to design and tastes of the day.

Production Unit

Technology of the day ,best raw materials and powerful manpower are the three pillars of the brand's dynamism and advancement, which has strived to rely on the production of a quality product with a high standard in carpet industry. Research for continuous development and following up customer's feedback has been the guarantor of our success in carpet market in years.